Whoa: Drake Is Close to Surpassing Birdman’s Net Worth

As reported, Forbes‘s annual rankings for the top five wealthiest hip-hop artists have been officially released, and this year’s results make for quite the interesting reveal. According to Forbes, Drake is well on his way to catching up with Birdman‘s net worth.

According to Forbes‘s 2017 findings, Drake is currently worth a sweet $90 million, with this number meaning that he has surpassed the likes of fellow Young Money brother (and technically, his boss) Lil Wayne.

Drake currently is only a cool $20 million behind Birdman, who is reportedly now worth $110 million. Considering Wayne is currently attempting to sue the Cash Money boss for roughly half of his worth, it’d be interesting how the lawsuit (if it ever moves forward) affects Drake’s standing in comparison to Birdman’s.

With 2016’s VIEWS being the top-selling album of 2016, paired with his successful tour and slew of business endeavors, Drake remains at the top of his game.

Additionally, as reported, also at the top of the list is Diddy ($820M), Jay Z ($810M) and Dr. Dre ($740M). It’s definitely going to be interesting to see who will become hip-hop’s first self-made billionaire, but in the meantime, there’s definitely a lot of money to be made for all.

Check out the 2017 Forbes’s top five list of wealthiest hip-hop artists in full here.