Spotify’s Annual Year in Review Released, Drizzy and RiRi Named Streams King and Queen

The annual year in review was recently released by Spotify and the results should not surprise anyone. Drake was named the most streamed artist of the year, no surprise with 1.8 billon in total streams for the artist. When it came to the highest number of streams in a single day the distinction went to Justin Bieber, and the album that was streamed the most was Beauty Behind the Madness by The Weeknd.

Rihanna was named the most streamed female artists in spite of the fact that she has not had a full album release in 2015, or even 2014 for that matter. Rihanna saw a little more than 1 billion streams without a full album. The Barbados beauty has had several hit singles this year though, and fans also sought to stream some cuts from her 2012 album as well. Rihanna is always a popular choice when it comes to music and since her studio album Anti has been put on hold and delayed this could explain the heightened interest in music by RiRi.

The annual year in review by Spotify may have turned out differently for Rihanna if either Adele or Taylor Swift were in the catalog for the music service, and either singer may have broken the number needed to top Rihanna. Taylor Swift released her last album, 1989, last year in 2014, and none of Swift’s music can be found in the Spotify catalog. The past albums released by Adele can be found in the Spotify catalog but her hit 25, just released this yea, is not listed. Either of these circumstances may have taken the crown as Queen of streaming from Rihanna. There were 3 female artists who were on the list behind RiRi who have also not had a full album release in 2015. These artists were Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande.