Meek Mill Discusses Drake Feud During Interview, and What Led to the...

Meek Mill Discusses Drake Feud During Interview, and What Led to the Beef Between Artists


Meek Mill candidly discussed his feud with Toronto rapper Drake, and explained to Taxstone during a podcast interview what led up to the beef between artists. A little over an hour and a half long the interview covers Drizzy, Nicki Minaj, diss tracks, touring, and his public beefs. The MC from Philly talked about how the bad blood started between him and Drake, saying that the two were initially friends but that the relationship soured after Mill was released from prison and there was no word from the 6 God for over a year. “We kinda had a relationship. I haven’t seen him since I came home. You know, me and the Nicki situation and I haven’t ran into you yet.”

Meek also told Taxstone that things got really bad when Drake was supposed to show up at a Meek Mill concert in the MC’s hometown of Philly but never came through. “I had a show in Philly. He was supposed to come to my show. They said they don’t know about it … I had this shit set up for four months. The day of, nobody comes through and call me so I’m just backstage looking like a fraud to everybody I told.” Mill explained that things are cool between him and Drake now, and that their beef is in the past.

Mill also addressed supposed insults and slights that Drizzy sent his way in the diss track Back to Back, especially the line “Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?”. Mill said that he doesn’t understand why the lyrics are supposed to be an insult, stating “Is it a bad thing that I have a go-getter as my lady?. Yeah, I’m on my girl tour. We getting right every night, she’s probably making like 450 or some shit like that. It’s lit. … So when I see people tweet, like, ‘That was murder.’ I’m like, we wish for shit like this where we come from.”