Amir Obe Interview Discusses Collaboration with Drake and Talks About Latest EP

Amir Obe Interview Discusses Collaboration with Drake and Talks About Latest EP


A recent Amir Obe interview has allowed the rapper to show his true personality. In the interview Obe talks about rumors of being signed by OVO, the possibility of collaboration with Drizzy himself,  and the EP Happening In The Grey Area from Amir which became available on December 11. Obe did not start out being outspoken, in fact he was a shy kid who kept his musical talents hidden from most people. When Billboard had a phone interview with Amir Obe the rapper stated “My parents never even knew I was making music ’cause I’d only do it privately. “I was really into sports, that was my passion first. I was trying to play college basketball.” Amir grew up in a household full of musical talent because his mother was a music teacher, and his father was a school principal.

Amir Obe was first introduced to fans as Phreshy Duzit, but in 2014 a name change and an updated sound gained Obe considerable recognition in the music industry. Obe has a musical style that is conversational and he has already received props from stars like Drizzy and PARTYNEXTDOOR. In fact a collaboration between PND and Obe crated both “I’m Good” and Truth For You. Amir stated to Billboard that there was no official OVO signing for the rapper in spite of rumors to the contrary. The EP Happening In The Grey Area gives Amir Obe the chance for a fresh start and a new introduction to fans everywhere. The interview allowed Obe to answer some questions and let people see the real person beneath the rapper. Some of the topics covered during the interview included:


When talking about his upbringing in Detroit and Brooklyn Obe explained “I think it’s just a real cool contrast. In Detroit, I got to have a real childhood, a real magnificent childhood. I got to play football in the street. I got to ride my bike. I got to really be a kid out there. And then during high school, I was always back and forth from New York to visit my sister and just see how New York is ’cause she was telling me it was cool out here. She liked the culture out here. I been here after high school pursuing music and I basically came and made it. I’ve been here for nine years now.”

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