Drake’s Vulnerable Side Exposed

Drake’s Vulnerable Side Exposed


New sneak peak to Drake’s Documentary on MTV’s. A lot of fans are digging the documentary. “Drake’s Better Than Good Enough” airs wednesday, June 23 at 10pm. Don’t miss it, it’s your inside scoop to Drake’s personal life.

“What was interesting is that I didn’t know Drake’s mom was sick,” The Source Executive Editor Amy Andrieux said shortly after the screening. “To see him going into his grind — knowing that now — is incredible. I know family is important to a lot of artists, but a lot of people don’t realize how much effort you have to put in these days. I think that was the most prominent thing about the entire documentary from what we saw. As a rapper, yeah, there’s a certain amount of grind you have to do. There’s constant effort. But it doesn’t mean you’re nice [on the mic], you’re dope. But Drake is doing whatever it takes to be that and to maintain his grind. That was really interesting to see it in film, ’cause you don’t see that.”

Via: MTV