Watch Drake: Better Than Good Enough’ Live Here Tonight

Watch Drake: Better Than Good Enough’ Live Here Tonight


Drake: Better Than Good Enough which airs on MTV today at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Watch it live at our site if you don’t live in the US. If you don’t catch it tonight, MTV always has the full episode the following day through the week. Press play below at 10 p.m. ET to watch it live streaming.

P.S. Drake will also be on The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno at 11:35pm tonight.

  • Cee.Cee

    This was so awesome.Drizzy is killing it mane.

  • Scott Brian

    This guy is horrible. I don’t care if he has a number one hit song, this performance was horrible. I’ve never seen anyone sing so out of tune on a show like the Tonight Show. It’s obvious this guy can’t sing at all. Take away the autotune magic of the studio, and you get to see how awful he really is. I can’t believe they let him sing live on the show. What a joke. When are going to get back to real music? You know, with musicians??? Not just some idiot who has good look and good marketing? Guys like this that make millions off #1 hits and actually can’t sing to save their lives, make me sick!

    • Jawanhairston25

      see opinions like that never are acknowledged whether you like him or not he doesnt pay attention to u haters anyway..remember that?!?!?

  • Mariam

    iiight, listen up .
    If you have nothing good to say , Dont say anything at all!
    People like us loooove Drake and always will,
    he sings and raps amazingly. We lovee him cuz he is
    not like any other person, he is unique!
    Honestly, if you think he is horrible stop watching his stuff,
    and dont say anything bad, cuz as far as i knooow,
    His fans would do anything to just see him once!
    And also, if you didnt knooow he is most famous
    right nooow.
    He raps about his life and about his emotions,
    and i dont think that you should be judging that.
    So pleaase, just dont talk bad about him , cuz i love him ,
    and sooo do millions of other people.
    And i guess many like him cuz of his looks too,
    but his music is mostly whats in our hearts, and will always stay there.
    Aubrey Drake Graham is amazing and i would be the happiest person on earth to see him just one time …