• abe moe

    First !! abe MOE

  • tonyoxo

    raw as fuck doe!

  • nessi

    Legit video…. I wonder what i would do if YOU went missing… luv ya drake <333… Looking great as always

  • MTV Know How To Make A Explicit Song Sound Wack ,

  • Kim_ram4

    Am i the only one who notice the tattoo on drakes right arm?

    • nessi

      Ur right I did notice it… Lyk wen it hits 2:00

    • Drizzy

      Says ALL KINDS :)

    • Robin Asia805

      it says “all kinds”

  • iRichieOVO

    i hate that u have to be in the USA to watch the mtv videos its retarded

    • M03_H

      You don’t have to? I’m in Dubai and I can still see it,

  • Lincoln24

    this is crazy! 
    Aubrey has 3 tats

    • Robin Asia805

      he has 4 
      the ovoxo bird alliyahs face
      other bird
      all kinds tat