Video: Drake Gets ‘Fancy’ With T.I. And Swizz Beatz On Video Set

Video: Drake Gets ‘Fancy’ With T.I. And Swizz Beatz On Video Set


Exclusive new footage from MTV on Drake‘s Fancy Music Video. Drake along with T.I. and Anthony Mandler discuss different aspects of the Fancy Video.

“It’s a dedication to the ladies who take pride in being the flyest and finest that there are out there to be noticed,” T.I. told MTV News on the set of the sleek clip, which reflects the song’s sultry vibe. The video features Drizzy, Tip and Swizz in all-black everything, spitting suave lyrics and flanked by leggy dancers in formfitting bodysuits.

In his cool Atlanta drawl, T.I. chatted about participating in the collabo and sang the praises of Drake and Swizzy. “I was offered the opportunity and given the pleasure to be a part of this monstrosity of a record by young Drizzy and my big homie O.G., player, partner Swizz Bizzy,” Tip said. “I’m honored, privileged and absolutely pleased to be a part of this extravaganza that you are witnessing before you here today.” Video after the Jump.

Anthony Mandler, who has helmed all the clips from Drizzy’s Thank Me Later, said the singer/MC’s approach to his work influences how the director develops the accompanying visuals. “For me, there’s a lot of pressure, because I feel like he’s creating music from a place that’s so pure and so unique and so original that it pushes me to try to create imagery that stands in the same zone,” Mandler said.

Source: MTV

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    this video looks like its gonna be AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG!! cant wait to see ittttttt!!!!!!! they should make a video for up all night with nicki minaj!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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    Wow.Shiny Leotards.

  • Definitely looking forward to this video. :D