VEVO News Interviews Drake (Video)

VEVO News Interviews Drake (Video)


Drake sits down with VEVO to talk a little about the tracks on Take Care, and the inspiration behind each of them. He goes into being an iconic figure from Canada what that means to him as a young artist.

  • from the time i started following the hip hop game.. drake is the only rapper who’s interviews i can watch again and again learn something new every time its amazing.. i admire the why he speaks and the way he fully answers the questions being asked.. im glad he’s apart of this generation.. good job Aubrey “Drake” Graham Muah!

  • Drizzy Drake

    Drake smart at he explain everything so well

  • Got the album and I Just want you to know drizzy it all reply all day everyday and I got know are you going top still make it never enough mixtape

  • lilmizzdrizzy

    dang he to sexy