Drake – Marvin’s Room (Unofficial Video)

Drake – Marvin’s Room (Unofficial Video)


An unofficial video for Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” directed by IVAN and Aerick London was released yesterday. This is not the official video, but just a fans perception. Either way it goes pretty well with the track it self. This song is so popular because it really relates with tons of fans. Have you ever had those late nights sipping and then you think about that person who you wanna call/text something you’ve been holding in? Unofficial video after the jump.

“F-ck that nigga that you love so bad, I know you still think about the times we had”

  • Moon117

    thats not drake?

    • cooki3crisp


    • Lp7T100

      its not suppose to be

  • james ball

    Well its close enough

  • mr. obvious

    It’s an unofficial video, it says it before the video… duhh

  • CEC

    good video

  • Krizzy2222

    he looks like drake from far away and this is ma jammmmmm i cant wait for the offical video

  • Ben4275

    Itss cool how you used 40 and you fighting over a girl!! One of the best rappers Drake!!!

  • Symonepeace

    omgggg.. mann, this was the best unofficail video i’ve everr seen! i loveeeeed it! i can’t even relate but i still love it! i CANT wait to see the offical video! & this is myyy songgggggg! <33 man, i love you Drake<3333333

  • hell no its not drake!!!!!

  • buts its so good:)

  • Ben4275

    Its obvi 40 not Drake

  • Icybabe12727

    that might not be drake but hes still really hot!

  • raven

    this is a tease i cant wait for the real vid

  • Ben4275

    Lol she was nippin out in the hot tub

  • Angie

    I hope the real video better than this

  • jean


  • Guest

    lmao at @0f1561846eddcaec57588c98f16a9bf5:disqus …..

  • deylovesdrizzy

    he might look like Drake from like…. like 40 miles away. MIGHT.

  • cooki3crisp

    it was a pretty good unnoficial video

  • Kyrah

    at da beginnin she wasnt talkin to drake she was talkin to her bf. den drake says  he says he gonna call her. den she is talkin to him da rest of da song ” are u drunk right now” and hes talkin to her when he says imma call her anyways and after duhh

  • Klo31

    can’t lie this was tight (do people still say that-lol).  I love Drake and think he is mad sexy since Degrassi but dude on here is hottttttttttttt

  • Sainabou4627

    I have those sheets :)

  • FRESh

    nahh Drake dont use Iphones, its strictly BlackBerrys.

    • How u know wat drake do …. U at the bottom he at da top ull never see wat he does

      • Take Care And Thank Me Later

        He say’s it in his documentary. 

  • Tigers Paker

    drake needs to b in it that shit was boring

  • Corli


  • Kaila Swint

    This should have been Drakes video ! But its not =( , hopefully the OFFICIAL video will be muchhhh better !!

  • Rodneyperry43

    I love the song so its hard say i dont like the unofficial but being that its drake’s second album the quality of his music videos and musical creativity is whats gonna keep him on top. Therefore he should be featured in the video and it should really tell a story just like the song

  • Emma Spanton

    love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • clarie

    nice video

  • Big Mami Ortiz

    that was a nice little video, but I also agree that there should have been Blackberrys instead of Iphones. We’ll see what direction Drake goes in when/if he makes a video for it!
    Take Care!

  • krizzy k

    looove like is an understatement

  • Xavier Caruthers I

    I wish this was the real video with drake

  • Libra’s World

    Daaaaamn lol I cant wait to se that official video LOVE it

  • Ans266

    thats not drake wtff ahaha

  • Damn tht vid sucked was he sippin wine and margarita …… Wat a fag js not hatin…. Drakes aint gnna be in bar btw and its not gnna be a 1 star vid like this

  • @FRESh…..(dickrider)

  • Drizzy Fan

    Drake Is Jus So Unbelivable Great Video
    Love The Song Drizzy Keep Doing Ya Thang !

  • Ur Biggest Fan

    I’m a bit confused Right now are u saying now that’s ¤0, drakes producer ? :-S 

  • MaloTheKid

    haters gunna fuckin hate

  • Yonniecakes

    This Video Was Good 

  • Steph*

    I love you Drake? Always stay up regardless of your haters. ;)

  • Kjake09

    This song is freaking great..Yo ,Many people can def. relate to it

  • cool

  • cool

  • Ane Merline

    that not drake that his home boy 40 on the video

  • Ane Merline

    drizzy drake is da best

  • boazzz

    this one better than drakes version 

  • Kaneshac

    drake  is  my  boo  swagg  talk  everyday