Top Drake Songs You Need to Hear When an Ex is Hard...

Top Drake Songs You Need to Hear When an Ex is Hard to Let Go Of


Drake has a catalog of songs tat is quite extensive, and many of Drizzy’s hits talk about life experiences or being a winner. Some of the songs by the Canadian rapper talk about exes, heartache, and longing though, and these can be terrific songs to listen to when you find you are havingĀ  difficult time letting go of an ex. If you are trying to figure out whether to leave or if the relationship is worth saving there are some songs by Drake that can help you figure things out. These songs include:

1. Hotline Bling– This Drake track is one of the newest songs, and it is a very popular tune right now. Some believe that Drizzy is singing about missing his ex while others think this hit is about a booty call. Either way the dancing performed by Drake in the video made Hotline Bling an instant hit with fans. If you are having problems moving on this track might help.

2. Hate Sleeping Alone- Drake croons about sleeping alone and feeling incredibly lonely, both things that can make an ex seem more appealing at times. Sometimes it is easy to miss the companionship and experiences of being part of a couple even though you know the relationship is not THE ONE! Play this track and don’t try to hide the loneliness that you feel. This will make it easier or you to decide whether to stay in a relationship just to avoid being alone or not.

3. Unforgettable- This song starts off with a sample from Aaliyah, and it is all about feelings and emotions. Drizzy makes an admission that he has been through a recent break and that he misses what he had with his ex. During the song Drake can be heard telling himself that there are other fish in the sea and that he will find someone else.

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