Top 7 Drake YouTube Videos of 2011

Top 7 Drake YouTube Videos of 2011


They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. In this case, fans of Drizzy Drake have taken the web by storm, creating their own YouTube videos to honor one of their favorite artists. Some are parodies; some are unique music video creations; none were released by Drake himself. Even still, they’re appealing and entertaining and we think you’ll enjoy some of the most popular Drake YouTube videos published on the web so far this year.

Drake – Headlines (New Song 2011)

In July of this year, Exclusive Music News released a video of one of Drake’s newest songs, Headlines. The song is a collaboration that features Dwaine. As we write, the video has the highest popularity rating of all Drake videos on YouTube, with 5,790 views and almost 1,200 likes.

Drake’s Tim Westwood Freestyle VIDEO Spoof

Right behind Drake’s own song is a spoof video. True fans will remember when Drake did a little freestyle performance in the studio of Tim Westwoods. YouTube user GorillaBearENT did his own spoof of Drake’s performance. If you remember the incident, you might find this as funny as the other 1,614 viewers and the 637 people who liked it enough to drive the rankings towards the top.

Drake – Club Paradise + Lyrics [2011 New Song]

YouTube user KingGeek2010 put together a recording of Drake’s song, Club Paradise. The video has received over 2,823 views, including 410 likes. There’s not much to see here, as the song is played to a single image, but viewers love the song and appreciate the quality of the recording, so it’s definitely at the top of the list in terms of Drake videos on YouTube.

In the Morning Official Video – J. Cole Feat. Drake

Drake, of course, has done some collaborative work as a second behind some other popular artists as well. This official video from Dreamville Records features J. Cole singing In the Morning, with a guest appearance by Drake. This video has received more than 4 million hits on YouTube. If it actually “featured” Drake, it likely would have made the top of this list! Still an amazing listen!

Drake’s Funny Moments

Do you want to see Drake without a microphone by his mouth? Check out this video by YoungMoneyGirl223, where’s she’s put together a great compilation of Drake at his funniest (or most awkward. He talks about everything from loving his Blackberry phones to some very intimate, personal moments. This video has received more than 171,000 views and 823 likes on YouTube.

Drake feat. Aaliyah – Unforgettable

There’s nothing quite as amazing as a talented rap start partnering with an incredible female vocalist. LewwSpally87 posted what she calls a tribute video to Aaliyah in honor of the 10th anniversary of her death. It’s a great song and a really well-done tribute video. Regardless of what you think of her passing, this video featuring Drake with Aaliyah will leave you with goosebumps, for sure.

Carter 4 Lil Wayne Feat. Drake – She Will Lyrics on Screen 2011

Surfer Beats put together a video of She Will, so that you can read the lyrics as you hear the song. Drake has a feature role in the performance and the video has earned more than 136,000 views due to the popularity of the song.

Whether he’s performing on his own or as part of a collaboration, Drake consistently works to deliver the highest quality vocal performance possible. Enjoy the remnants of 2011 and be prepared for awesome things to come in 2012.

About the guest author: Jada McCurine is a Drake fan and full-time writer. She specializes in entertainment and communications.

  • Tony

    I don’t know about that, but I totally dislike it when “undiscovered” artists upload videos claiming to be a song by a famous/well known artist, just to receive extra views.I mean, if you have confidence in yourself & your skills, why can’t you make a name for yourself off of just your name? Whether it’s your real name or a rap name, it shouldn’t matter. Constantly claiming to be Drake, Lil Wayne, or Eminem doesn’t help your chances of getting signed. Even if somebody hears you, odds are when they find out that you’re claiming to be somebody else, you won’t get signed, since that is illegal. Even if it’s obvious that it isn’t them, no producer is going to sign some “underground” rapper who can’t even use his/her own name. Spoofing isn’t cool, it’s wack. Make a name off yourself fellow rappers!

  • Drizzy Hendrix

    Drake raw af