The Reason Drake Was Almost Arrested in Jamaica Revealed During Recent Interview

Right now Drake is on top of the world, with a #1 track, a new album, and a spot on Forbes Top 5 richest rappers in the world. Everything seems to be going well for the Toronto rapper but during a recent interview recorded right before Drizzy’s latest album Views became available the artist talked about what happened when he was in Jamaica that almost led to his arrest. Drake was scheduled to perform in Jamaica and the artist did not realize that the country has very strict laws on inciting people and other undesired acts. When the rapper from Toronto started cussing frequently and working the crowd up he did not realize that shows are strictly monitored by police, and Drake was almost arrested as a result.

Some of the people around Drizzy interceded on his behalf, and explained to the law enforcement officers that there was no intent to incite the crowd in any negative way. Unfortunately for Drake he was with an unnamed female and the concert was the first time they were supposed to spend time together. Drake said during the interview that once the police appeared willing to arrest him the girl quickly left, and has not ever spoken to the rapper again.