The LeBrons ft. Drake – Episode 7 (of 10)

The LeBrons ft. Drake – Episode 7 (of 10) [video]


“The LeBrons” is a family entertainment show designed to provide positive messages to today’s youth and young adults, and will tackle a wide variety of subjects, including family, teamwork, friendship, giving back to the community, staying in school, staying out of trouble, and more, all done in an edgy, fresh and relatable way.

The below video is for people who can’t watch the video above.

  • Video not offered to people in my region -_- i.e Jamaica.
    Mr. uploader needs to be informed that Drake has a ton of fans in the Caribbean. 

  • Libra’s World

    LOL that was good

  • shontell

    wow dont yall think drake need a shaven

  • shontell maraj

    drake need a shave