Snoop Lion’s Explain Why He Added Drake To Single ‘No Guns Allowed’


A couple of days ago we posted about Drake being featured on Snoop Lion’s Reincarnated album. Snoop’s son posted a photo on Instagram of Drake, his pops, and himself captioned, “Drake Pops & I #NoGunsAllowed”. It turns out, that ‘No Guns Allowed’ is the title of the track Drake is set to be featured on. Watch the video below to find out why Snoop Lion decided it would be a great track to have Drake grace his presence on.

“I knew about that certain shooting incident in Toronto. I always love Drake. I love him for his writing. He delivers great party records. I wanted him to say something on this record. But I feel like something and address some things that needed to be said. And take the party out of it for a minute.Guns kill. Guns are good and bad”, says Snoop Lion.

  • Carlos

    Broooo Wheressss the new single hw dropped today its called 5 am ib Toronto