Power 106 Interview: Drake & DJ Vick

Power 106 Interview: Drake & DJ Vick


Drake chopped it up with DJ Vick at Power 106 a couple of days ago. It’s a pretty hilarious interview, listen in and find out why.

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  • Autumnriley26

    okay Aubrey i just want you to know that im your biggest fan! #1 to be exact. i know all your songs by heart and when im having i rough day; i listen to your music for insperation! im 16 years old and i live in california a little town called dos palos. i know you dont know me but when im 18 my dream is to marry you, and together we will shut it down!!!!

    • Autumnriley26

      sorry for so many spelling errors:) im actually a very proper person when it comes to english! okay g2g im in class ill post some more tomorrow!

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  • tilili

    lol “KILL IT DRAKKKEE!!” 

  • JRed

    KILL IT DRAKE !!!!!!!!!!!! YO TEAR IT UP!!!!!!!!! (with an accent) :) Just doesn’t get more classic than that. LOL

  • I want to marry Drake. For real.

  • Abrahams Kent

    Man he has lot’s of patience with this man lol