Kendrick Lamar ft. Drake – Poetic Justice (Music Video)

Kendrick Lamar ft. Drake – Poetic Justice (Music Video)



Today, Kendrick Lamar released the official music video for “Poetic Justice” featuring Drake. Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

  • Loving this song……Your lyrics are fresh Lamar and Drake your like fine wine. You added flavour to this joint.

  • Once again, drake it. How can you expectation for someone who has exceeded all.

  • This was an awesome video drake and did there thing hope to see more collaborations cpt & all day

  • O and shout out to yg and j.rock and Dom Kennedy in the video

  • Oh how I love drake!!

  • best at the moment boss

  • Love the begining song. Sherane aka master splinters daughter

  • roberto

    drake is cool his a real rapper like lil wayne

  • Jada

    yoo i can keep this song on replay i cant stop listening to it :D good job yal :D 5 star

  • i love this song.