Nicki Minaj Gives Drake A Lap Dance In Toronto

Nicki Minaj Gives Drake A Lap Dance In Toronto [video]


Nicki Minaj surprised the crowd during The Femme Fatale tour stop in Toronto by bringing out Drake. Check out the videos after the jump of Ninki giving Drizzy a lap dance and their performance of “Moment 4 Life“.

Nicki Minaj Giving Drake A Lap Dance

Nicki Minaj & Drake Performing “Moment 4 Life”

  • Daliasky2000

    nice… he looks so hot

  • AubreyGraham

    Fuck you daddy I love you woopin butt nigga

  • Crystal

    Aww that hug at the end when Drake and Nicki were performing “Moment 4 life” was ADORABLE!!!!! :)

  • Rfi

    drizzy is killin the game right now “Take Care” Will be crazy waiting on that new single “shot for me” or “free spirit”i listened to headlines so many times n she will already

  • Why don’t they just get married already

    • Addisonkeisha

      I know right their  r so cute 2 gether

      • Adamskayla96

        *i dntt thinkk theyy are. juss sayinn.

  • Libra’s World

    Damn I wish I was Drake that was the best one I’ve seen Nicki Minaj do lbs

  • Maury

    Drake so laid back lol

  • stevedag

    hahaha drake you’re on one, put the two cups down, you’re on one. my girl says you look like denzel

  • sierra Gatita

    I’m gonna kill u and make it look like a fucking homicide and suicides. Hey, don’t listen to Sierra (liar mentirosa stole my damn middle name) Sierra Gatita says,”I fuck better with a damn tight ass, wet ass, and fresher than a daisy and a newborn baby (since I’m 6months and third trimester pregnant you idiot!)! give me an e-mail 9802301976 Ashley Sierra Jones, 1901 Hedgelawn Drive, Charlotte, NC 28262-9201 your Braziliana para todos los diases!

    • Addisonkeisha

      wat iz your dill gurl P.S wat r you having a gurl or boy??????

  • Anonymous

    nicki lookin sexy as always n drake is killin da game n fuck whoever hatin on a nigga.

  • Hey76

    Nicki Minaj slept her way to the “top”. She sucks!

    • Nicki_MinajFan

      Nicki minaj do Not Suck your just mad cuz you aint in the Young Money Game i respect her so You Can Bag Back  

    • Addisonkeisha

      Y R  U  hateing on nicki minaj……..

    • LUKIE

      if thats the case she must be damn good at it;)

  • :))

    ahhh drake is so hot :))

  • Adamskayla96

    *i luhh drake && him nd nicki are juss some bigg ass flirts. if theyy ever gett married, imma choke. kuzz she is mostt deff a #Barbie. im pretty suree drake likes #REALwomen

  • Diana_100_pDianauertorican

    you call that a lap dance!

  • sierra gatita

    I hate this video. You need to hire me as a naked secretary or a lap dancer or a video back-up dancer or everythingin in between. Ashley Sierra Jones, 1901 Hedgelawn Drive, Charlotte, NC 28262-9201 1709657395 and text me today! I want to marry your ass now. May 13th-30th, 2015 when I’ 25. My birthday is April 5th, 1990. aka gatita de la brasil y las navajas de natva americana.

  • Claudia

    Ah i would have gave Drake a lap dance too!

  • Karina_11