NBA 2K12 Michael Jordan & Drake Commercial

NBA 2K12 Michael Jordan & Drake Commercial


Drake was featured in the new NBA 2K12 commercial that premiered on TV this week. Check out the commercial after the jump and tell us what you think. What’s the greatest team ever? Last year Drake was featured on NBA 2K11’s soundtrack.

  • V_fair1203

    So cute. <3 =D

  • What about “All I care about is … the city that I’m from”? You’re supposed to say Toronto Raptors, Drake. Tsk tsk.

    • Zero360

      The Raptors suck…. They were never the greatest to any extent, infact they’ve been the worst beyond measures.

    • Zach

      uh, it’s “All I care about is money in the city that I’m from”

      He obv. dont give a shit about the basketball team.

  • Drizzy Hendrix

    Drake everywhere now, Good!

  • DALLAS Won Drake,

  • itzjay40z

    96 Bulls for sure

  • DrizzyHeadlines

    Drake im a big fan but Dallas is my home and you just like Miami because your cool with Lebron James! but you still the man tho

  • Isaiahallen252

    that is funny mo’s

  • Macsotsu

    Shouldn’t Drake like the Raptors?  Why did they let this fair weather fan argue with MJ?