MTV Special: Drake – Better Than Good Enough (All Chapters)

MTV Special: Drake – Better Than Good Enough (All Chapters)


Part 1: Is Drake The ‘Next Big Thing’ In Hip-Hop?

If you missed MTV’s Drake Special: Better Than Good enough, a documentary that followed Drake around for 4 months before his debut album “Thank Me Later” dropped last, your in luck. We have the 7 part series of the show, and you can watch it here on Drizzy Drake. Enoy, more videos after the jump.

Part 2: Drake Just Wants People To Be Confident In His Abilities

Part 3: Drake Puts The Finishing Touches On Thank Me Later

Part 4: Drake’s Biggest Fear Is Losing His Producer, Noah ‘40? Shebib

Part 5: Drake’s Show At Governor’s Island Is Canceled

Part 6: Drake Believes He Gets ‘Everything Good In Life’ From His Mom

Part 7: Drake Sells 446,680 Copies Of Thank Me Later In The First Week

  • Shanessa

    Anyone who asks me why I love Drake, needs to watch these clips.
    And not only will they understand why, they’ll GET it!
    Thanks for uploading :)

  • Rasheeda

    Drake is awesome now you know why he tries so hard i just hope he doesn’t push himself like Michael Jackson you are an amazing artist so keep it up i love you Drake!

  • Denna

    Anyone who loves Drake can see his unique’ness. He’s really down to earth, and shows how much he loves his fans. All he wants is to make his fans happy=) By watching these clips i have fell deeper in love with “Drizzy Drake”(!)

  • Sendy

    I concur with Shanessa’s comment…this documentary in its short running has been able to explain and show wat it is that I see in this artist called Drake. Period. Respect to him and wat he is tryin to do with his life. If you dont like his music…thats fine…but you have to have respect for him as a human being. :)

  • Steve O Styles

    I was always lookin for a fresh music artist dat wuld bring sumthin to the table and dats when i found Drizzy Drake. Unaware of his current role played in Degressi, imported from north from Canada, and his skin complexation, despite des flaws i knew he was special. In da past current years there was an awkward silence in the music industry. Many old artist dropped hits but many were just too mediocre to me. Drake, a new artist brung sumthin new to da game and changed da expects of hip hop. Not only hip hop but r & b. Blessed with extraordinary talents he gave us a new wave of music. Not only dat but collaborating with famous rap artists lik Jay-Z, Kanye, Lil Wayne and the list can go on. Im am very proud of him for doin what he does. Hopefully I will be able to meet him in the near future. My proclaiming career as a young black music producer inspired me to collabarate with many famous idols and idols such as Drake also. Thus, dis my may be huge comment but as a fan i must comply with the feelins i have. i know u feel da same way too.

  • Yeasin08006

    why doesnt it show anymore!!!??????

  • Andre

    Why the hell can’t i see this??!!! anyone know where i can watch it???