Miss Elliot and Timbaland Address Drake’s Aaliyah Album (Video)

Miss Elliot and Timbaland Address Drake’s Aaliyah Album (Video)


Missy Elliot and Timbaland have finally commented on Drake’s Aaliyah album on Power 105.1. Watch what they have to say concerning the album and more below.

“I can say this, nobody has reached out to me. It’s not even about reaching out to me, I personally want to respect her family. If her mother or father or brother hasn’t said they want to make an Aaliyah album. Yeah, we still mourn, but not the way this family (does). So until they come and say Missy and Tim we’re ready to do an Aaliyah album, we just pull back from it.”

  • I am a huge drake fan since room for improvement and I have never spoken wrong against drake, but I feel Missy Elliot and Timbaland have a very important point. He could talk to the family first before any action is made if not already

  • very big fan of aaliyah its time for sum new stuff i think its a great idea but i do think drak should sit down and talk to aaliyah’s family cus after all he’s a big fan of hers and its coming from a good place and ifits done correctly its a very good idea tho! and i think us aaliyah fans are waiting for sum new aaliyah stuff!!

  • drake is so fine drake call me sometimes

  • What is all that white stuff falling off Timberland? and sitting in his ear?