Live Stream: Drake Live From Radio City Music Hall

Live Stream: Drake Live From Radio City Music Hall


Don’t have Fuse/MuchMusic? Don’t worry about it!! Watch Drake LIVE here! Watch Drake‘s Fuse special live from Radio City Music Hall in New York. The show starts at 9pm/ET and if you miss it, it’ll be on MuchMusic at 10pm/ET in Canada.

  • I had it on,on the computer and TV lol. that was raw as hell. He killed that shit man. I LOVE DRAKE for all the things he’s doing for music and him self. He’s not just another RAPPER!!! HE’S A ARTIST because he talks only about things he feel from the heart. other talk about things they never even did or saw. talking out the SIDE OF THERE NECK mafuckas. LOL real shit. Thats the difference between DRAKE & thees other FAKE as Ni**as in the game…ONLY THE STRONGEST WILL SURVIVE… He’s really to YOUNG to be feeling this OLD…

  • Can u watch the performance back somewhere on the internet? I hope so..

  • DJ Frosty

    Hey yo that show was off the hook, mad props to drizzy yet again!!!!!

  • j-Sonic

    i liked the way he rapped aston martin music at the end of fancy with the beat it sounded perfected with it

  • SimplyDrake

    i was at that concert :) always supportin my drizzy,

    keep doin youu :*

  • KEI$HA

    I love u DRIZZY DRAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333 143 ITS  YOUNG MONEY CASH MONEY BITCHES !!!!!!!! LOVE U DRIZZY DRAKE  FROM KEISHA!!!!!!! <3 =)