Lil Wayne ft. Drake & Future – Love Me (Official Music Video)

Lil Wayne ft. Drake & Future – Love Me (Official Music Video)



Lil Wayne‘s latest single titled “Love Me” featuring Drake and Future official music video has released today. The video was directed by Hannah Lux Davis. Watch the video below and let us know what you think?

  • Yeaah Baby that’s my Jam

  • I love some Drake He my boy

  • That shit Go Hard

  • Drake killed the hook. Amazing song and video.

  • This video is so sick. I love the hook in this song. Drizzy’s part is short and sweet ; which is my favorite part !. Weezy is so damn talent it’s a crime. I hope to hear more work from Future in the future. Thank you guys for releasing this video on V-Day !.


  • It was………allright

  • Love me some Drake……<3

  • Fuck this song. You bitches are not shit without yours. I bet all of you can relate to this song lol.

  • cool vid but come on my bro drake need some camera time I no this Waynes song but come on drake killed that hook you could of let drizzy get a verse like Wayne said drizzy the golden child the chosen one some people say Lil Wayne makes ymcmb and makes drake and you no would i say hell no drake makes ymcmb and Lil Wayne just think if drake would of went to another label Wayne would have been done over because I heard drake writes music long time ago for Wayne. They say you should pay respect to great ones I think Wayne should do that because without drake Wayne ain’t nothing today back in the old days yeah Wayne was the shit now he don’t make sense .But Forget about all that the vid was cool wayne was tight future was tight drake killed it on that hook got me saying it as long as my bitches love it

  • Had the song downloaded before the video came out. I noticed it was uploaded when I went on my YouTube application to check my video views and I was like :O!!! and watched the Explicit version.

  • Lil Wayne is ass. I’m just here for drake. Lyrics are fucking retarded from lil Wayne.



  • roberto

    love that song so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fresh

    that song is cool niga!!!!!!!