J. Cole Talks Drake Collabo “In The Morning”

J. Cole Talks Drake Collabo “In The Morning”


J. Cole dropped his long awaited third mixtape, Friday Night Lights last Friday (Nov. 11). The 20-track collection features few guest appearances, but undeniably the stand-out cameo comes from none other then Young Money’s own Drizzy Drake.

VIBE was on location Saturday with the Roc Nation rookie at Heineken’s Inspire concert, where he spoke on how their record “In The Morning” came to life.

“It was my first time in Paris, and I got a text from Drake. And it was him just telling me he heard ‘In The Morning’ for the first time. My real fans will know that’s it an older song,” J.Cole tells VIBE. “He said it was incredible, and I’ve always wanted to bring that record back to life because the original version I recorded in my bedroom—in my old crib, in my small room.”

Feeling the time was right for two of rap’s most talked about rookies to team up, Cole calmly told Drake that he wanted to revamp the record.

“When he hit me, I was already thinking that over the past few months,” Cole continued. “I told him that I appreciated it, and he was really making me want to bring it back to life. He said, ‘If you do it, make sure you save me 16 on the song.’”

Before hitting the stage, the North Carolina native also commented on the latest addition to the Roc Nation family and immediately ended any talk that he would be put on the back burner.

“Jay Electronica is such a monster. He’s one of the few dudes that I hear rap in the game that makes me want to step my bars up.” Coles adds. The two MCs appeared together on the lyrical “Just Begun,” off Reflection Eternal’s Revolutions Per Minute LP. “There is no back seat. Everybody has their own lane. He has the freedom to do what he does. We’re not on each other’s toes. If anything we only help each other.” —Mikey Fresh

Source: VIBE

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