• Kenza Janjua

    Lol awn Its so cool!

  • Orly

    damn drake u did it again….u jus blow people minds away…u too J.cole…

    im like ur biggest fan..

  • I love the song and I love drake but the video is ok

  • J Cole and whoeva dat girl was in the video they was looking so cute in the video :):):)

  • htown23

    Who’s that girl with jcole??

    • Liah

      Her name is Alexandra Joner. She’s a dancer and a wanna be singer. I agree with you all in saying that her and J. Cole make an attractive couple.

  • Chris Foster

    $DJ Frosty$

  • SymoneilyDrake

    awee! i really like the video and the song! that girl was gorgeous and they do look good together and dRAKE .,….. welll….. ILOVE YOU!

  • Drake Killed it, I love that video only because Drake in it lol

  • wazzy

    Jst 2 fresh!!!!!!!!……..

  • Rosaledezma76

    this ight where is drak????????????

  • Rosaledezma76

    There he is sexyyyy

  • jae4lyf1994

    they need to put this video and song on iTunes