The Making Of DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One”

The Making Of DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One” [video]


DJ Kaki gives us behind the scenes of the making of his hit single “I’m On One”. Video after the jump, worth a watch… I’m On One!

  •  Its your number one chick saying you nigs killed it…Salute Love Love Love

  • fan of a fan

    drakes going to take that throne; watch him take it..

  • Libra’s World

     This just might be the hit of the summer lol, but I don’t know why DJ Kalned talkin all that sh*t like he really is on the song and please stop sayin we the best lol cuz U not. U don’t even do anything besides say and yell we the best SMFH

  • Corli

    I’m On One, nuff’ said! Drizzy dont stop ever being amazing…HE KISSED ME!!!! 

  • Janeyfigueroa

     Drake is gonna be the artist of my era!! 

  • This gonna be the HOTTEST TRACK ON THE MARKET THIS SUMMER Fuck what he talking about DJ KHALED IS THE BEST he just do so many things behind the scenes and making so much money he CAN do what ever he wants cause every song he came out with was a HIT SO DJ KHALED WE THE BEST IN THIS LIVE IN THE CHI………..

  • Sassydelgado

    Fuck it im on one<3 shitt goes hard!!