Hotline Bling is so Popular Drake’s New Song is Featured in a...

Hotline Bling is so Popular Drake’s New Song is Featured in a President Obama Dub Video


Dubs by President Obama for the latest music and songs has been going on almost as long as Obama has been president. Who can forget the video when the president dubbed Call Me Maybe, or the Shake It Off video that really took off? Baracksdubs, a YouTube user who has made many mashups of President Obama and the latest and most popular songs, has done it again and this time may be the best video that the user has created so far. The latest clip is seamlessly edited using only footage from speeches that the president has given, and it shows the leader of the USA singing and getting his groove on to Drake’s newest hit Hotline Bling. It is hilarious, using technology to superimpose Barack Obama’s face over that of Drake’s in the video during some parts, and the result are just too funny for words. In a single day the President Obama Hotline Bling dub video had more than half a million views. It is a good bet that Baracksdubs will keep the videos coming as long as musicians keep releasing popular songs and Obama is president of the United States. Watch the video and see what you think!