Drake’s Tim Westwood Freestyle + Lyrics (Video)

Drake’s Tim Westwood Freestyle + Lyrics (Video)


Drake & Tim Westwood sat down to have an interview earlier this week. Drizzy at some point delivered a freestyle while sitting on the couch with Westwood. Check out the videos of Drake freestyling after the jump.

And I roll up looking harder than a bitchhhhh; Damn a nigga never switch.
You should get your cherry bust before you fuck around with this.
I buy some Rolex’s and pass em out as gifts; and when they tell me that’s to much I’m like no fuck it I insist.
And then we light it up and reminisce about the things that we would fix;how the fuck we got this rich.
This is just some inspiration for young niggas on they shit.
This for my young niggas on they shit forreal.
This also for the hood stars that I created whose booking rate went up right after we dated.
Girl you made it forreal hosting parties with athletes or another rapper then they tryna fuck you after.
Remember when you was my bitch?
My special friend with benefits you remember how you got here. Hope to God you ain’t forget, but the look right now you giving me tells me you did.
Empty stares from across the club like you don’t recognize the kid, but damn you know what it is.
Cameras flashing over here, I know that’s something that you miss yeah.
It been bad but it gets good Drizzy Drake and the nigga Tim Westwood.

  • A Flagler

    That went hard af ! Ahhh ! Hope to see you in Las Vegas wit my Girl Angie ! :D I love you but no obsessed fan like, more like would like to meet you and vibe. 

  • Chris5705

    I think that was pretty bad :/

    • hannn

      your  stupid comment is pretty bad.

  • Drizzy Drake

    All u gotta do is listen

  • Jayda Graham

    You Know What It Is Cameras Flashing Over Here I Know Theres Something Tht You Miss ‘ My BABY ! I Love You Drake <3

  • rufknkiddnme

    forever the best to fakes and phonies and forever just decent or mediocre to real hiphopers. pop rappers haha whatever america

    • Swimmindude06

      ha ur a faggot plz die drake is a god

  • Swimmindude06

    ily drake

  • Jae

    if you think this is wack you deff didnt understand it

  • Jeremyoverton19

    pimp c type shit

  • King.B`oVo.Xo

    ahhh to fresh 

  • Listen

    For those bashing people for there comments..Its an opinion don’t sweat the small stuff…I wanna believe he talking about Maliah, she being host with camron. Uh interesting. 

    • Listen

       their*/ he is* /she will be* type this way too fast

  • Whitegentlemanguy

    Drake I love you to death but seriously why do you do some gay gesture after every Westwood freestlye. -__- love you though.