Drake’s “A Little Favour” Verse For GQ

Drake’s “A Little Favour” Verse For GQ


Drake is on the cover of GQ for the new “Style Bible” issue they got, but did you know Drake spit a verse for GQ called “A Little Favour”? Watch the exclusive video below to him Drake spit about women, getting paid, and buying cribs.

  • That verse is hard as fuck, I hope stuff like this can be on the next album and hopefully a more hip-hop album than R&B album…

    • EaglePartners

      i loved take care a tiny bit more than thank me later but so far gone is the best he has ever put out.

      Beside “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”, So Far Gone may be the best ‘album’ my ears have ever been blessed to hear.

      Just hope he does not start saying Swag in every song lol.

  • Jesusmondragon99

    Its just “A little favour” But Drake makes it worth it.  ahaa

  • Youremom


  • Youremom

    this is ghey

  • Get Like Me Bro.

    This Little Favour means alot more than what he thinks.

  • Swimmindude06

    oh drake i fucking love u , u got mad swag in the suit 

  • lilmizzdrizzy

    screw all dem drake hater only a true fan will like every little thing this niqqa is throwing out there…respet it for get the f**k off this page!!!1
    lol js
    and drake lookin to flyy out there :)) love you boo

  • Rayanananana

    “Drizzy Drake the only one that got the gift without the curse” Sooooo good!

  • Drizzy Drake

    U can Never say he cant rap!