Drake Will Rep Memphis In His Junior Album (Video)

Drake Will Rep Memphis In His Junior Album (Video)


Drake continues his interview with Sway from MTV News by talking about his plans to rep Memphis on his junior album. Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, and relatives actually live in Memphis, Tennessee and Drake use to spend his summers there. Check out what Drake has to say below.

“That’s my town, you know, that’s like home. Memphis is a place I hold dear to my heart, actually a place on this next project I just want to start talking more about and maybe even do some recording out there, just to reconnect with that. Drake has long rapped about his relationship with the city on a number of tracks. Most recently, he paid homage on “Under Ground Kings. “Memphis, Tennessee, know, see I start to go deep back/ In Ridge Crest with my seat back, with Yo Gotti and E-Mack” I remember just sitting there watching, watching this guy record, how it was all done, I hadn’t really been subjected to it before. That shaped a lot of my early days like, ‘Oh, I wanna rap. Being around him in Memphis, Tennessee, was a big moment for me. I would definitely give him a lot of credit for just embracing me.”

  • Noelle Teague