Drake Watching The Euro 2012 Final In Little Italy (Video)

Drake Watching The Euro 2012 Final In Little Italy (Video)


Drake was spotted watching the Spain vs. Italy Euro 2012 Final in Little Italy last weekend. Watch the video after the jump.

Drake surprises Italian soccer fans in Little Italy by appearing on a balcony, and showing them “A Good Time”. He was drinking champagne and sporting an Azzurri soccer team jersey.

  • That’s great :) I’m glad he had fun down there. And it’s funny that i’m taking this Italian class at the same time. INTERESTING. lol it is confusing tho.

  • Noelle Teague

    there goes my babyyyyyyyy..

  • Noelle Teague

    lmao lemme c that towel!

  • Noelle Teague

    drake stay out the sun lol. *moves him to shade*

  • i like this

    • Noelle Teague

      boooooooo, i love it<3

  • ok,
    i love you under that flag

  • Whats the name of the song ?

    • Shayla Hadnot

      Show Me A Good Time off Thank Me Later

    • Show me a good time.

  • cool

  • Onereal Love

    italy..nooo…..right colors only MEXICO