Drake Talks His Upcoming R&B Mixtape And ‘Deuces’ (Remix)

Drake Talks His Upcoming R&B Mixtape And ‘Deuces’ (Remix)


Check out the videos below of Drake sitting down with VIBE and speaking on his forthcoming R&B mixtape, sampling TLC, and re-hashing User’s “Nice and Slow” lyrics on his “Dueces” verse.

Drake on Sampling TLC on “I Get Lonely Too”:

“My iPod was on shuffle and I just heard the words—it just hit me. [‘Fanmail’] should’ve gone somewhere. It was just an album intro, but it was just so good. I hit 40 and told him T-Boz is singing nice and low—that’s right in my register,” explains Drake on “I Get Lonely Too,” the first leak from It’s Never Enough. “I thought we could make it the first song to introduce where I am right now mentally on this R&B mixtape. It’s actually track one on the tape.” – Drake

Drake talks about Chris Brown’s “Deuces” Remix after the jump.

“There were a lot of R&B moments that meant a lot to me. Usher was a big influence in that regard. I remember [‘Nice And Slow’] meant the world to me,” Drake tells VIBE regarding his verse on Chris Brown’s “Deuces (Remix)”. “I always liked that flow cadence. It stuck in my head for years, and I said to myself that it could be a song on it’s own. I got a chance to use it and the pattern was right. It really made sense as to what I was discussing in the verse—I’m just paying homage to a great melody.” – Drake
  • Mayra

    Dam drake gives me the chills just bcuz i can see that hes genuine…at least i hope. and just wut he can do with music is amazing and i just wish i can touch those lips hahahahaha
    drizzy drake hit me up wen u in that killakali.

  • Regina

    omg i love anything drake does…but wen hearing dis song it didnt feel like he was just talkin to me but also my heart.cuz sumtimes i feel lonely so i lovethat song :)

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    Oh baby tell K,J,S,R,P damn killin it wow love it so appalled this ultra bitch is pumped the fk up love it damn WOW love it… Im gonna go surfin 2day anything u need me 2 get wet???? LOL

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    Hell tell K its on he killing it damn got me going back 2 can’t tell me nothing and I put On wheres jeezy??? LOL Damn fire 4 real. love it

  • Lety24

    Ddddddaaaaaaammmmmm I fuccin love drake’s song wit Sean Garrett it’s fuccin amazing frust tyme I herd it I just loved it Gud job drake keep killin them anything u fuccin sing is so fuccin gud it’s lyk if ur a magnet everthing that is metal gets stuck 2 u

    well I hope I canc u in person 1 of these dayz cuz u no I wuld fuccin love that I think I wild start 2 cry nd jump nd yell cuz I am hella crazy over u abythin 4 u drake