Drake Talks Club Paradise Tour With RapFix

Drake Talks Club Paradise Tour With RapFix


Drake sits down with MTV’s RapFix to talk about his upcoming tour, Club Paradise. This interview was held backstage at Cali Christmas.

  • cant watch cause i live in Europe -.-

  • Guest

    Drake don’t know if you read these comments or not but if you do I say…..college is always there. If you feel like getting a college education is something that you want to do for yourself, then do it. There are correspondence courses you can take with legit brick & mortar colleges. You could take breaks and take a few courses at a time a semester at a time. Don’t ever look back and say I wish I had.

    • Drakeula

      Im sure he wont have any regrets of not going. “25 sittin on 25 mil”

  • guest

    cant watch cause im from canada :(