Drake Talks About Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (Video)

Drake Talks About Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (Video)


Drake comments on his role in the upcoming film Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, which he stars as a wooly mammoth named Ethan. Drizzy goes into how he got the role and about the film in general. Watch the video clip below to find out everything he had to say. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift premieres in theaters July 13th.

  • Noelle Teague

    field day

  • Noelle Teague

    is it in 3D?

  • I can’t wait for that movie to come out :) I wanna hear his sexy voice.

    • Loreal Frias

      I know right!!! Thats one of the main reasons i wanna see this movie!!! Ahh he gotta go back in acting!!! I loe his sexyness!!! And yes his voice just makes him complete!!!

  • Onereal Love


  • Noelle Teague


  • me and the HOMEchick are going to see this :)

  • Honestly…I was gonna see the movie with or with out Drake, but since he’s in it…my plans are set in stone.

  • Can’t wait to see this movie. I goin to see it just because Drake is in it. #1 movie of the year.

  • Can’t wait to. Hear his voice on the big screen and 3d too

  • Drizzy in 3d oooooooooooh snap

  • drake your awsome!!!!!

  • Jordan Freshkid Wood

    Drake will always be better than Chris brown