Drake Talks About His Relationship With Rihanna With ThisIsMAX

Drake Talks About His Relationship With Rihanna With ThisIsMAX


Drake spoke openly with UK Presenter ThisIsMax about his relationship with Rihanna. Check out what he has to say after the jump.

  • Drakes#1Fan<3

    If rihanna touches my man i’ll come at her with a knife! love you Drake! <3

    • Chrisbrown

      Can I help you beat her?

      • Swimmindude06

        me too plaza and i like how its refers to chris borne beating her lol ily your name

    • Sahara Munoz23

      Ayyyeeee yooo brahhhhh u touchh my mann i gottaaa come down to ur placeee nd stab the shit out of u withh thiss penciillll!!!!!!!!!!!-______-

  • omg i love drizzy soo much and big up to ymcmb all the way out from tinidad

  • Jonas Tiffany

    Not feelin it, He can do way better, just sayin ;)

  • Sahara Munoz23

    myyyyyy nigggaaa is DRIZZZYyyyy i love  thissss niggaa sooo muchhh

  • Swimmindude06

    drake likes her as a person but this is my opinion she is a disgusting whore who broke drakes heart and then tried to be friends with him to make up for him being sad she should die and if she touches him i would cut her he deserves so much better then you rihanna

    • Yolo

      wow emo much

  • Noreen

    u guys need to chill. wowwwwww….. i like Rihanna as a person, probably because i met her!

  • Jen

    Yall wild but I hope they end up together on day

  • Yolo

    i like them 2gether-its their lives

  • .?

    You guys are acting like some crazy little girls up in here.
    Anyway I think Drake and Rihanna would make a super cute couple!

    It’s just too bad that Rihanna ain’t checking for him like that.

  • I love Rihanna but NO!

  • Just Don’t Touch Her Umbrella

  • Mrs Jessie_baby1

    I <3 Drake too. Now now ladies come on now if we were in her shoes it would be different but its not so be easy cause Drakes the man and hes the one who lets her touch on him

  • i rather it be rihanna , then any other hoe /;

  • Io

    che schifo drake :/ 

  • Drizzy’sBitch.

    erm just saying, none of you bitches will ever get close to my boy so fuck you AHA.

  • Ilovedrizzy

    rihanna gonna experience to terrm YOLO if she hugs drakee again

  • OnikaGraham

    When you came to portugal ? :o