Drake Take Care Superlative Trailer

Drake Take Care Superlative Trailer


Recently release was a Take Care trailer for Drake’s upcoming album Take Care. The video is more of a reminder of why you should go out and buy his album. The video below shows in Drake’s first three years in the music industry has become GQ Man of The Year, has 3 MTV award nominations, over 3 million followers on twitter, voted cutest smile, and more.

  • d-flux

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! makes me wanna buy 100 coppies @_@

  • Milli_Denee

    That shit gave me chills
    Cant wait for Take Care!

    • kaysha

      yea that do gave you the chills

  • kaysha

    i like drake so much

  • Drizzy Hendrix

    This sent chills over my body lbs HYPE AMAZING smh Im going to buy it

  • Joe

    That was simply amazing ! For me, Drake is the fuckin best :) I love him for who he are and for the great music he’s making :D TAKE CARE!! CAN’T WAIT FOR IT!!! <3

  • Aavila9390

    I’m such a huge drake fan. I’ve listened to his music since “room for improvement” n its just amazing how how his music has grown through out the years. Whenever I’m going through a situation or just want to chill I blast any of drake songs n just listen to everything n messages he sends through his songs. I’m so hyped for his sophomore album “take care”. Drake keeps mentioning he kind of regrets some things on “thank me later”, if that album (to me) was great I’m excited to hear the next :-) drake keep making the awesome music u create. Xoxo

    • LaTonya Parker

      I wasn’t originally a fan. My husband was. he’d be playing his mixtapes and I’d be like….negative! After I listened to the mix tapes a few extra times……I was SOLD! I bought his album, loved it and played it like everyday. My hubby bought me into the light….lol Now, I am more of a fan. hahaha

  • Shebeyoundit

    Best Artist 

  • LaTonya Parker

    This album better be classic Drake! I’ve been waiting a while for it. Don’t disappoint me :-)

  • Jimmy_Drake

    what song is at 20 seconds in