Drake Stops By Dreher High School In Columbia

Drake Stops By Dreher High School In Columbia


Drake stopped by Dreher High School in Columbia, South Carolina yesterday before his Club Paradise tour show. Drake gave another inspirational speech like the one he did for MLK High school. Check out the videos after the jump to catch all the action. Can you tell the students were super surprised!

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  • Drizzy Drake

    T.F South

  • Tony

    Gates County High School!! Haha, he wouldn’t waste time out of his busy schedule to come to this downgraded, piece of sh*t, middle of nowhere community.I should slap myself for even thinking that.

  • mf janet

    i wish Drake would come to BEJAMIN FRANKLIN HIGHSCHOOL ! IN L.A ! <333

  • Don

    How the fuck can he give an inspirational speech with a crowd like that?

  • Anonymous

    They weren’t even listening. All I heard was ahhhhhhh!

  • carlpittso

    i know this has nothing to do with the vidoe but fuck dmx that bitch calling drake what a cunt 

  • brandondavis

    i met drake later this night. there was a photographer there, outside colonial life arena, if youre the photographer you think you could let me know if you kept taking pictures while i was talking to him?

  • Deezy

    I wish DRAKE can come to Sierra Linda High School when he comes to AZ !!!!

  • Drakes’ Fave

    Drake is such a inspiration. I can’t wait to become his bff

  • Boots_Bae

    i think he sould come to LEE-DAVIS HIGH SCHOOL IN MECHANICSVILLE VA seein that he never makes it here to often(: