Drake – Started From The Bottom (Official Music Video)

Drake – Started From The Bottom (Official Music Video)


started-from-bottom-drakeThe video is finally here. Drake‘s new hit single “Started From The Bottom” official music video was uploaded to Drake’s Vimeo. The video was directed by Director X and it was shot in Toronto, Canada and Dominican Republic. Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Love the video he made my night/day always

  • Abhiraj Bhatt

    Wow!! One of the BEST Drake Videos, Right on the spot Drizzy!
    and Congratulations on your 1st Grammy!!

  • Man shout out to the big homie drake man he did it again. makeing magic is his special talent and you deserve every award nomination

  • O and the video is hot I see we’re you comeing from started from the bottom is inspiration man and I understand all the message and the visual message and for people who can’t understand are haters or can’t use there imagination or can’t comprehend either way some people just wont understand it but for people who get it see you have to watch it more with your spiritual eyez then your regular eyez there are 3 keys which Leeds to an event in the video the beginning middle and end
    first is the kids that are playing soccer.and store when the prize alarm goes and he won.and the end when he walks out in the lake and sees the world and look how far he came and were hes going to go from there with his family and friends and team behind him.3keys to the story( started from1-the -2-bottom 3 ) and now look at us we started from the bottom now we here meaning him and his team family and friends made it with him just think about people most people who get famous forget about friends and family and where they came from so drake stays true to his nature and when he makes it his whole family makes it with him to. Some anyways drake man stay up stay proud you ain’t gotta prove yo self to no one you makeing it and giving inspiration to people and you have more ventures and events and told story to come if anybody ask me who are next president should be in the future I’m going to say drizzy drake

  • K’erra Tyson

    i love this song !!! =)

  • Awsome video great choice of scenes

  • CALLING KING Aubrey Drake Graham …Take Care VALENTINE LOVE http://www.facebook.com/robinpowerroyal#!/robinpowerroyal https://twitter.com/POWERANGELBABY

  • Hey Drake great video. I love you so much Drake peace

  • I’m trying to get on that jet…this is a dope ass video!

  • started from the now we here
    stated from the bottom now whole team fucking here”” YES LORD

    • started from the bottom now we here
      started from the bottom now whole team fucking here”” YES LORD

  • Hello I am so into drake even before he was drake the rapper… I always had my eyes on him, so when I heard he was rapping I was like yo this guy is da shit! Every song, every video, every feature, is always on point! Now as for this song n video he has done it again.. I like this song n excited to hear more..

  • Drake I love you! It all bout that ovoxo I am one of your many fans, but I am totally obsessed with you n I always want to know what next in your life.. Congrats on winning a Grammy your Grammy.. It was long overdue! :) no new friends? Why not I love to be your friend…

  • Dope ass video! You never dissapointed me Drake. Love ya!!!!!!! :)

  • Dope ass video! You never disapointed me Drake. Love ya!!!!!!! :) Also, congrats on your first grammy!



  • sarah

    i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fucking idiot

    This is the dumbest music video ive ever fucking seen your lucky your a damn good rapper cuz you got nothing else going for you