Drake Interview With FADER At Southpaw

Drake Interview With FADER At Southpaw [video]


Drake attended an Elevator Fight show at Southpaw in Brooklyn, New York last Tuesday. While attending that show, FADER staff caught up with Drake, and managed to get a small interview about Drake’s Take Care album. Video after the jump.

  • Colin Crawford

    drake wtf u wearing man? lol

  • Techneeque

    Please come to South Africa!!

  • Azpage

    drizzy i love u but what r u wearing??? lol but u knw do u

  • does anyone have any idea how badly iwant to meet this guy?
    :/ grrr.

  • Libra’s World

    and thats y I love Drake cuz he’s bein hiserlf and not makin music that he cant relate too like others do Im not sayin names ima just say “Boss”

  • Ur Biggest Fan

    Please visit Gothenburg, hometown of the one and only drizzydrakee!

  • drizzy soph.

    this man is hottt

  • This Album is going to be a MF Monster !!! Take Care… :)


    drakkkkkkke i love you oh so much .and i loved u even more wen u didnt have a bread  :) kkay come to .LA! love ya

  • Michelpascal21

    – I (( LLOOOVVVEEE ]] Drakee <33333 ..