Drake Appears In Promo Clip For “Saturday Night Live” Performance

Drake Appears In Promo Clip For “Saturday Night Live” Performance


Check out this promo clip for Saturday Night Live with Drake, which will be airing tomorrow. Hosted by Anna Faris, who stars in the new movie “What’s Your Number”. Make sure to check out Drake’s performance tomorrow night. Take Care.

  • Zeek_Tha_Leekkk

    Drizzy gonna kill it on SNL tomorrow!

  • Theunchained7611

    is it just me or does see the meaning behind drakes so called “simple album cover” listen to what drake spits about and look at the album cover……. people are so narrow minded!

  • Drizzy Drake

    Im watch’in that 2nite

  • Ladiefirecracker

    i loved you on SNL…Have you thought about going back to acting???? I love you Drake

  • Rashawn lainfiesta

    rashawn lainfiesta aka rashdash.. belize city.. cream sounds rapper.. i believe dat drake is one of the hardest rapper ever… lyk his music i listen to all. n lil wayne.. i can’t wait for the takecare,, carter 4 was a blast.. shout out to young money niggas,, biggest fan mhn,, i wsh i cud just see you guys in reality mhn.. n js heng.. mhn. wanna be like u guys..