Drake Smoking Hookah & Unheard of New Verse/Song

Drake Smoking Hookah & Unheard of New Verse/Song


Watch Drake smoking a hookah and also hear a unheard verse/song from Drake playing in the background. Could that be from a new track off of Drake’s Junior album for the future? This might just mean new music on the way.

  • yes of course :)

  • Darrien Coney

    yup he said jet life at the end it might be a track with curren$y but idk

  • Onereal Love

    Circles within circles


  • Can’t wait for that new album!

  • Justin Gonzalez

    Yup, Drake is making an R n B mixtape this year.

  • yo…this nigga smokin like a Taylor, But the verse in the background ive never heard before. Its amazing how Drake is gettin BETTER….STILL… ive said it and ill say it again Drake is about to hit his PRIME and i hope these other rapper bring there A+ game because Drake isnt fuckin around everytime he’s in the booth he’s tryin to Body your career, straight like that. But i love how he ends his verse “now im in it for the Hoes and the Checks and care less about respect from niggas ive never met”… that was Trill,that was legendary, and in general that was straight to the point. We love you out here in NC Drake, if you have a twitter follow me Drake fans @R9A3P

  • You got to admit. This is pretty HOT! If you know what im saying!

  • I love Drizzy that nigga think he the catepillar from Alice in Wonderland Lol!

  • helen alemu

    So what every rapper smokes and it doesnt change him as a person. He’s still my boo and plus that song he was playing was sick! <3 Drizzy

  • Loreal Frias

    Ohh i like them cicles

  • Lol I keep sayin ima listen to it one more time but hit play again. Drake is the truth…

  • Tre Swavy Selkridge

    Can’t wait until the whole song comes out

  • that verse is just fire.

  • Na’Kymbra C. Curry

    he looks good in purple and i like that song that was playin in the back ground