Drake Shirtless Backstage At Club Paradise Tour (Video)

Drake Shirtless Backstage At Club Paradise Tour (Video)


This one is for the ladies. Always wondered about Drake shirtless? Watch the video footage below to answer your question. You will find Drake shirtless for a good minuted changing between his wardrobe backstage at this Club Paradise show.

  • oh shit damnn..:F

  • *Nipples Hardening*

  • Katie Louise Farley

    He is actual perfection.

  • He is Fucking sexy!?

  • OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! DRAKE…. why are you doing this to me?!
    *shirtless* ahhhhhhhh….. you took my breath away….. i cant even speak.

  • Alove him so much

  • One love

    breath taken in the flight as you stare out in the
    horizon wondering whats next
    comfort of loving you from afar
    intelligence creeping in all directions
    can’t you feel the serene ambience
    of a burning sensation of working arms
    and running legs on heat
    the love we share is on the right
    hand with a written black ink
    while one platinum
    i’ve waited while you fly to west coast
    and I on east district columbian lands
    don’t think too hard my love just
    enjoy my care
    because as long as I live i will be
    yours forever
    people question me why i’m single
    and don’t have a man
    single by physical means and not spiritual
    its your smile that makes me wait after 25
    years i’m still here alone waiting on
    landing to enjoy a nice cognac as the blend
    you keep me straight and i’ll run the course
    this real love without the pleasure
    don’t believe rumors there’s no man in my life
    except God
    and i have confessed to him that
    i would die for you love
    we shall meet in the future
    until then don’t forget my name
    its johana
    and ‘ll leave the key under the
    front mat door
    but don’t make too much noise
    since I do have 2 room mates
    come in my elfin king-

    m. valdez-perez

  • yes.

  • what

  • helen alemu

    Words cant express how amazingly sexy this is. I love Drake and cant wait for our wedding!!!!!

  • Drake is the shit he be killa

  • OMG!!!! so sexy!!

  • All he has to do is keep working out bench press 300 pound do some more sit ups keep sweating go into a sonna and sweat off all the waterway if he does this for a month or 2 and eat lots of proteins and lots of amino acid and just eat lots of a solid food he will be the shit take it from Lady’s I used to be skinny and and sonebody told about that i did the routine five months now I’m yolk up bench press 300 pound don’t really care about having a sixpack along that you have a flat stomach its cool and keep going to sauna and sweating off all the waterway now 240 pounds of solid strong body and my girl loves it you have to push your body to the limits don’t start off with a little weights to start off with big weights that’s how you get it done faster