Drake Scenes From Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (Videos)

Watch clips of Drake‘s character Ethan from Ice Age 4: Continental Drift below. More and more scenes from the movie are being found across the net, and here are two covering Drake’s character and his sound overs. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift in theaters July 13th.

  • HIS VOICEEEEEE! omg! my heart melts and pounds! Im looking forward to this MOVIE. And honestly…I dont care if its the MIDNIGHT showing…. im there.

  • Noelle Teague

    he..sounds great! What a cast!

  • helen alemu

    His voice gave me shivers its sooooooo amazingly sexy!!! <3 Its was like i was on the phone with him! AHHHHH! <3
    <3 DRIZZY

  • OMG! Cant wait it.

  • Im going to see this just to hear his sexy voice ! I love drake and anything affiliated with him HAS to be good and can’t be missed . Ovo til I die <3