Drake Does Some Karaoke At Saddle Ranch In L.A.

Drake Does Some Karaoke At Saddle Ranch In L.A.


While Drake was out in L.A., he decided to drop by Saddle Ranch Chop House. While at Saddle Ranch Drake does some karaoke on stage with a fan, singing “What’s My Name”. Check out the video after the jump to catch this performance.

  • Samira Barber

    This made my day. Always the first 2 make me smile n the reason y. He’s so nice even though he know she can’t sing. Lol I <3 Drake!! #TeamDrizzy

    • Emily Williams

      He was laughing his ass of tho…LOL

  • oh god she has a horrible voice ily drizzy u do so much for ur fans i would love to d karaoke with you but iw old be singing ur part so i don’t know what part u would sing lol

  • Drake’s#1fan<3

    i absoluetly love this video mostly because drakes smiling and having a good time and to me his smile is the best thing everrr! but he always seems to meet everyone of his fans but me! :( ahhh but i still love him! <3

  • Bey

    Jesus. Drake’s a sweetheart for staying up on stage with her and having that voice blast in his ear for four minutes straight. lol I couldn’t! I’d spit my verse for her than bounce.

  • Karina

    Woooowwwwww..you don’t see that everyday..
    Lol love you Drizzy<3

  • Fkl

    is lil jon there

  • Danasia robinson

    she has huge balls, i would’ve been too scared to sing in front of him, But she does have a nice voice! 

  • Guest

    03:11 – 03:15

    this part kills me! I love you Drake <3

  • vega

    one day