Exclusive Behind The Scenes Footage of “Pop That” ft. Drake

Exclusive Behind The Scenes Footage of “Pop That” ft. Drake


Miami Herald got some exclusive behind the scenes footage of French Monatana‘s new single “Pop Thatmusic video shoot. They give you an inside rundown on how the entire video shoot went, along with some insider knowledge of Drake‘s underwear preference. Watch the video below.

  • no “BLACK GIRLS” hummmm!!!!!

    • lala228@hotmail.fr

      I can see BLACK GIRLS AT 1:37, 1:39 and I can see Rihanna…
      So what the hell are u talking about?

  • Im gonna teach sons to love who they are for-real self hatred ain’t no joke !!!!!

    • I would consider it a good thing that there aren’t many black girls at a woman degrading video shoot, depicting women as hoes and booty poppin freaks…seriously tho why would want to see so many sistas in something like that?

  • I’ma think twice about this we’re supporting people who don’t even like us what up with that??

    • Nicholas Morris

      shut up Precious

  • Noelle Teague

    Drake looks debonair…swoooooon

  • Loreal Frias

    Oh he wears black boxer briefs interesting!!! That way u can see his nice butt

    • helen alemu

      Bck off sista he’s mine!