• no “BLACK GIRLS” hummmm!!!!!

    • lala228@hotmail.fr

      I can see BLACK GIRLS AT 1:37, 1:39 and I can see Rihanna…
      So what the hell are u talking about?

  • Im gonna teach sons to love who they are for-real self hatred ain’t no joke !!!!!

    • I would consider it a good thing that there aren’t many black girls at a woman degrading video shoot, depicting women as hoes and booty poppin freaks…seriously tho why would want to see so many sistas in something like that?

  • I’ma think twice about this we’re supporting people who don’t even like us what up with that??

    • Nicholas Morris

      shut up Precious

  • Noelle Teague

    Drake looks debonair…swoooooon

  • Loreal Frias

    Oh he wears black boxer briefs interesting!!! That way u can see his nice butt

    • helen alemu

      Bck off sista he’s mine!