Drake Placed #5 On The Hottest MC’s In The Game List

Drake Placed #5 On The Hottest MC’s In The Game List



Every year, MTV puts together a list of the top ten ‘Hottest MC’s In The Game‘. Drake appeared on that list this year at #5. Some of you may be wondering why Drake didn’t score higher. Drake hasn’t released much music for the last year, because he was busy touring for his Club Paradise tour, which was promoting his sophomore album ‘Take Care‘.  So seeing as this is a yearly list, it’s great to see Drake place without really having released much music this year. Watch the video below to see what the panelist had to say about Drake’s placement below.

“Anything he touches is a guaranteed smash”

  • Drake is so talented that he doesn’t have top put out as much music as any other artist and he still makes the top 5 of the greatest MCs

    • Tasha

      Yall betta stop playin n act lyk u knw tht he the hottest out there…

  • TavisLafayette

    Drizzy is clearly the Hottest MC in the game right now and he shouldve been # 1

  • Nonny Starr

    Top 5… Righteous. Next year he’s gonna top that list.

  • smart pe.

    What idiots made that list drake thats why every track sounds like drake ft. Drake.

  • Innocent

    Drake is best i wouldn’t complain on the #5 spot, just can’t wait for the 3rd studio album
    Fan from South Africa

  • drizzy fan

    why is drake not number 1???????????????

  • Fuck Your List, Everything’s Looking Gorgeous..

  • Prettynot_Perfect

    Umm ….being in the Top Five is fantastic & all , but #1 should be his mark.

  • Drake is that boul.. he the best in the fucking rap game