Drake Performs ‘Headlines’ At The American Music Awards 2011

Drake Performs ‘Headlines’ At The American Music Awards 2011


Drake performed tonight at the American Music Awards 2011. Nicki Minaj won Best Hip Hop Artist Award tonight at the AMAs. Check out the videos below of Drake’s performing “Headlines“.

  • Geo2094

    I saw this 

    • TEEEEEEcrow.

      congrats, do you want a cookie ? 

  • O_v_OXO

    killllled it

  • they save the best for last 

    • Angiekv

      he wasn’t last….lol

  • Hellokitty2526

    i love it so much LOVE U DRAKE MMMHHHWWAAA BOO!!!!

  • corey


  • TEEEEEcrow,

    AYEEDOEE, you already know ! 
    DRiZZY DRAKE OVOXO <3 <3 <3 

  • Truth

    Drizzy Went Hard thats what’s up

  • Angiekv

    LOL…Everybody jamming!! They Know,They Know,They Know

  • Drizzy Drake

    Drake finally cut his hair looking like Thank Me Later days lol good show tho

  • Ykosindero

    Nice performance, from the man him self. keep it up.

  • Sillyberry13

    oh my gosh i love drake so much!!! Y.M. all day hunn’

  • AcE

    garbage performance

  • Marleyosam

    i luv drizzy he is my mentor in music.

  • Siiphhumelelengid

    Drizzy drake rogers,u d best. Hala 2 wayne.

  • Luv it, mwah..

  • polaris

    with all due respect… i think he can do much better(live)

  • Miranda

    dRAkE WENt hARd i fkiN l0VE hiM ANd y0UNq M0NEy!!!!<3 y0U bbyyyy!!!