Drake On The Set Of “Aston Martin Music” Video

Drake On The Set Of “Aston Martin Music” Video


Check out this video of Drake in Miami, Florida shooting the Aston Martin Music Video. Drake is lovin’ the MIA.

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  • -Aubrey… :c/? I do NOT get you- plus most of those words above sound like my own personal words. Someone must have been payin attention to me early on.. :c/? *hmmmm…* -Found your love yet?-

  • i Love Drake !

    # he is my everything

  • ameka

    hey drizzy lovin yhur pics am yhur biggest fan maybe can i come tew one of yhur performance. i love yhu, live in dc.

  • rake ur r awesome but my fam dnt think it.cuz u cuss and… u know but i keep on tellin them u arnet like the other rappers but they dont believe me oh well