Drake On PopEater At So Kodak Campaign

Drake On PopEater At So Kodak Campaign


Drake met up with PopEater on the set of his So Kodak Campaign. He talks about his life and his overall values that he places on himself. He shows some vunerabilities and also talks about other rap artist in the game. Check out the video below.

  • Arlette

    i love your songs keep it up i hate justin bever

  • Melodie B.

    What camera is he promoting???? I wanna know so I can get it, or at least get ready to see another commercial. Drake you are so DAMN beautiful. Luv ya! ~octoberbabies4life~

    – Mel B.

  • Nick

    Man, Drake needs to act like no one knows him still… when he was under radar he was killin it! i mean “puttin it down” (street runnaz 50) now everyone knows him hes all poppy and shit… wtf? come one dude! kill it like you did in 07 08 and beginning 09 my man! killa, fear, still fly freestyle, say whats real!!!!! wheres that at?