Drake On Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Sound Track

Drake On Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Sound Track


Drake recorded his vocals for the Ice Age 4: Continental Drift movie that’s coming to theaters July 13th. Drake stars as the wooly mammoth named Ethan in the film. Check out the snippet below of the song Drake stars on below.

As you may know, Drake is part of the star studded cast of Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. In the movie Drake lends his voice to a wooly mammoth named Ethan. On an episode of American Idol this week, the contestants got the chance to record some vocals for a track featuring Drake, Jennifer Lopez, and Queen Latifah. Peep the video above to hear a snippet of the track. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the song! Make sure you go see the movie when it comes out on July 13th!

  • OMG Drizzy Ethan!

  • the only reason im seeing ths movie is for drake and nicki minaj :)

    • pink candy

      nicki minaj is in it too?

      • yes she is :) i dnt knw why the article didnt mention it :/ 

  • T-Fried

    I’m going to see that movie with my cousins!
    My parents wouldn’t have let me go but my cousins are coming over around the movie date and now they said yes!

  • T-Fried

    The picture of him for this post is really hot.
    I kept going back to look at it. :D

  • Damn, this is gonna rock!

  • Monika!23

    aww drake u will never stop being awesum!! keep doing u. luv u

  • Foreverdrake

    I gotta go see this. #1 movie of all time. This movie better win an oscar. Drake is gettin his acting 

    back on. LETS GO!

  • Drake’s#1fan!<3

    I knew he was working on this project but now its all so real! <3 Yess! July13th baby! That will be my new fav movie just cuz it has Drake in it. Hey maybe we can show it to our kids! <3

  • Ilovedrake


  • Nichole Martin

    Hey errbodie this is Drake biggest fan u can find meh on Facebook @Nichole Martin. I’m am his biggest fan ok anything & everything about Drake. Ok when he was born, his home town & favorite color. Nobody likes him like I do, I love every song he has made in his whole life. My fav song by him is Marvins Room & Shot For Me. I love reissue because i learn stuff about life from his songs. THey reLlie speak to me cause I have a hard life, ima runnaway & his music is what brings meh back home. My folks think he’s just some pop star that thinks he’s better than everybody else, but that’s not what hes about. I’m Nichole & I approve this messenge!!!!!!!!!